The Difference Between Natural Marble and Ceramic Tile

"What's difference of natural marble and ceramic tile? How we select natural marble or ceramic tile use in my commercial project and residential project?" Above two questions, we are frequently asked by our customers or friends. Herein, we just shortly talking about the difference of natural marble and ceramic tile.

Firstly, the texture is much different. Marble is a natural and come from sedimentary rock, it's beautiful with thousands colors and natural patterns, from classical to modern for you selection, it's durable for decoration, also contains impurity commonly, and calcium carbonate suffers the action of carbon dioxide, carbide, water vapour in atmosphere, easy also decency and dissolve corrode, mohs hardness is in 3-5. Most colors of marble texture is very hard, and it is also very soft in different environments of limestone. The lines that appear after cutting are very feminine. The ceramic tiles are artificial bricks, processed by special tools, ceramic patterns and colors printed by machine too, the surface color and pattern will lose some years later, it's still lacking compared with natural marble.

Secondly, the processing cost is different. The natural marble is expensive in processing and more difficult than ceramic tiles. Because natural marble is easily damaged during the cutting process, while ceramic tiles are artificially copied, which is relatively easy and basically has no loss. The ceramic tile copied color from natural marble, but natural marble with hundreds color, vivid and clear color and pattern, even though to today, ceramic with copy color is difference from natural marble, also there are many colors ceramic tile can't copy.

Thirdly, price different. The use of natural marble in the home and house improved, the family conditions are more affluent, natural marble is the material of high-end products, the finest and luxurious marble costs thousands of dollars on per square meter, the worst costs a few dollars per square meter. The price of ceramic tiles is relatively close to the people, belonging to the public brand, which is more common in middle-class families.

Therefore, if clients want to improve the docoration quality and aesthetics level of their house, we recommend to use the natural marble rather than the ceramics.



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