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France Limestone Quarry
Blocks Cutting
Italian Limestone Quarry
Blocks Cutting
Discharge Blocks from Containers

Blocks Yard
Circular Saws
Polishing Lines
Circular Saws
Polishing Lines

 Gangsaws, Circular Saws and Polishing Lines

Infrared Cutting Machines and Hand-Polishing Machines

Counter Tops Dry Lay of Giallo Antico Granite
Counter Tops Dry Lay of White Enginnered Quartz
Edge Polishing of White Engineered Quartz Counter Tops
Laminated Edge & Deal  Edge of Santa Cecilia Dark Granite Counter Tops

 Kitchen Counter Tops Laminated Edge, Polishing Edge, Sink Hole Cut and Dry Lay

6 Sets Big Size Separating Machines for Laminated Panels as Honycomb
15mm Thick Tempered Glass Laminated with 15mm Thick Snow White Onyx
Tempered Glass will assemble with natural marble and onyx
5mm, 15mm, 20mm thick Honeycomb Stock
Honeycomb of big slabs

 Laminated Panels as Honeycomb+Natural Stone, Glass+Natural Stone, Ceramic+Natural Stone

16 Sets CNC Router Machines cut for Artistic Sculpture and Counter Sink
4 Sets Water-Jet Machines cut for Irregular Shape & Special Appearance
16 Sets CNC Router Machines cut for Artistic Sculpture and Counter Sink
Workers Final Handing Edges avoid edge broken
Building Arch Part Dry Lay

CNC Router Machines and Water-Jet Machines can do any irregular shape and difficut jobs

Fumigated Wood Crate Packing and Loading Containers 





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