Calacatta White Nano Glass Slabs Tile Wall Floor Top

  • Calacatta White Nano Glass Crystallized Stone Slabs Tile Wall Floor Top

    Calacatta White Nano Glass Crystallized Stone Slabs Tile Wall Floor Top

    Nano Glass is mainly made of quartz sand which is generated from the imitation of the thousand-year sediment of lava. It’s a subversive high-end environmental building material under high temperature smelting of 1600 degree and molecular chain recombination, it’s a building material of newgeneration like stone, jade and diamond. Nano Glass with six advantages: 1. High Brightness. It is crystal structure with high density and high brightness, can remian long-term mirror effect, it has low depreciation rate without distortion, cracking, yellowing, alkali returning and color difference; 2. Abrasion Resistance. Hardness of Nano Glass reach Mohs level 6, since the high hardness and abrasion resistance, it is applicable to outdoor building, interior space, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top and other space. Its maintenance cost is low, polishing, waxing, glue filling and color filling are not needed; 3. High Temperature Resistance. Nano Glass is a typical heat-resisting material, its melting point is as high as over 1600 degree ( fire rating: A+), so it is will not deform under high temperature. It has the high temperature resistance that the other stone materials are incompareable to, and is applicable to coastal, high temperature, extremely cold, humid regions; 4. Corrosion Ressistance. Nano Glass has extremely high corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. It is not easily weathered, and is stain resistance, can keep long-term remain the gentle color and is clean as new; 5. Zero Water Absorption. Nano Glass has the water absorption of 0.005%, almost zero water absorption. Oil stain, liquid, spot etc., could never penetrate it. It is easy to be cleaned and will not have the problems of mildew, yellowing, color change; 6. Zero Radiation. Nano Glass is nearly zero radiation, it is a high-end, technological, safe and enviromentally friendly orientation and is zero radiation from human body. Nano Glass Engineering Field: 1) Large Public Buildings; 2) Office Buildings; 3) Residence Decoration; 4) Commercial Complex; 5) Hotels etc.